Making and reviewing your Will is something that each and everyone of us should do periodically throughout our lives and certainly before it is too late. We can assist and guide you through the process making it as painless and worry free as possible, and at an affordable price. Our team of specialist lawyers have many years combined experience in providing the right advice to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event of your death, something which cannot be guaranteed for those who choose not to make a Will.

We are unique in that we offer a free Wills and Estate Planning Report service for all of our clients. The report will identify your intentions and the outcomes you wish to achieve on your death, and sets out the options available to you in respect of your wills and estate planning provision generally free of charge, and without obligation.

The report contains our fixed price structure for any future work you instruct us to carry out for you, giving you peace of mind that the costs are agreed in advance and you won’t be met with unexpected charges at the end of the day.

To arrange an appointment for a free initial consultation to discuss matters, please contact the head of our team Stuart Maher on 01254 88 44 22 or complete and submit our contact form.